• 4 Common Dry Skin Problems and Easy Ways to Solve Them

    The 4 most common dry skin problems in this day and age are dry facial skin, dark circles around the eyes, dry cracked heels, and cracked lips. The question is: where are these skin problems coming from? And what can you do about them? That’s what we’ll explore on this page.

    Let’s go over each of the 4 dry skin problems one by one so you can better understand them.

    Dry Skin Problems Explained

    1) Dry Facial Skin

    • What causes it? Too much water, especially if it’s hot, can wash away the natural oils the body produces to protect the skin. And no protection equals dry skin. Other causes: dry air (the central heating churning indoors during the winter), diabetes, and malnutrition.
    • How to recognize it? Flaky skin on the face, itchy skin.
    • What to do about it? Take lukewarm showers/baths, don’t stay in the shower/bath too long, turn the heating down a notch in the winter and make up for it by wearing more/warmer clothes. If all else fails, your dry skin problems may have been caused by medical reasons and it might be a good idea to consult a doctor.

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    2) Dark Circles Around the Eyes

    • What causes them? A lack of sleep (quantity of sleep), not sleeping well or irregular sleeping patterns (quality of sleep), not spending enough time outside (sunlight stimulates the sleep-wake cycle), too much stress, and several other things.
    • How to recognize the problem? One look in the mirror should do the trick!
    • What to do about dark circles around the eyes? Avoid artificial light up to an hour before going to bed: no TV, no laptop, no phone, no nothing. Secondly, be consistent with your sleeping habits: go to bed and wake up around the same time. You should also relax more, because to use an analogy here: sometimes the machine needs maintenance before it can churn and burn again. No maintenance equals a machine that breaks down.

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    3) Dry Cracked Heels

    • What causes cracked heels? Standing or walking for long periods of time, too much water, being overweight (because it puts more pressure on your feet), aging (as you age, your skin loses its flexibility).
    • How to recognize them? Red or flaky patches of skin on the heels, itchy skin, bleeding skin.
    • What to do about them? If you have to stand/walk around a lot for work, take “sit down breaks”, avoid long showers and baths and warm showers and baths (they can cause many different dry skin problems), and keep your feat clean.

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    4) Cracked Lips

    • What causes dry lips? Cold weather, licking your lips to moisturize them (it has the opposite effect: it dries them out), breathing through the mouth while sleeping, alcohol, tobacco, spicy and salty foods can also cause cracked lips.
    • How to recognize them? Look in the mirror. Cracked lips are easy to spot!
    • What to do? Eat less snacks and fast food (they’re usually very salty), breathe through your nose when you’re in bed, hydrate yourself enough, etc.

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    Final Thoughts on Dry Skin Problems

    As you can probably tell by now: many health problems, including dry skin problems, are caused by too much of anything. In the case of dry skin, it can be too much water, too much cold, too much salt, and the list goes on and on… and on. So, it’s important to enjoy life but not go overboard with it.

    The number 1 cause of dry skin problems is going overboard with something you enjoy

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