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    Company Profile

    Silk Bee Cosmetics was founded in 2008. Silk Bee strives to be a leading cosmetic company in the United State of America. Our target distribution includes the USA, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Our experiences in leading research helps us provide valuable products to our customers.


    Inspired By Nature’s Wonders

    Silk Bee Cosmetics is committed to providing quality products that people love. In addition to serving customers directly with Silk Bee’s signature skin care products, we offer a special personalized service of custom-made cosmetics for spas, professional beauty salons, hotels and boutiques. Formulated with the precision of science and the creativity of art, our brand represents the best in innovation to ensure satisfied customers. Our dynamic culture celebrates flexibility and promotes growth to ensure that we are always ahead and meeting current demands. Through applying these methods, we look forward to a future of positive business growth and quality results that bring increased profits. We view each customer as an important and valued member of our community: a growing, diverse, and buzzing group connected by our love for Silk Bee.

    Research and Development

    Our team of experienced chemists aim to develop and offer innovative products that fit your needs. Our research and development team remain focused on future development with the newest developments, while improving the formulations as necessary. We maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee as we serve all your needs.

    About Us

    Silk Bee Cosmetics provides quality skincare products inspired by nature and handcrafted with precision. Feature ingredients include soothing plant derivatives and fresh fruit extracts. Our products are formulated with performance-proven results for all skin types. Our clients range from spas and professional beauty salons to hotels and boutiques. Silk Bee Cosmetics are proudly made in the United States of America with sustainable and animal friendly practices.

    We currently sell the following types of all natural skin care products in our online store:

    Natural body creams
    Natural eye creams
    Natural face creams
    Natural foot moisturizers
    Natural lip balms