• Soften Your Skin With a Free Sample

    Do you want to try Silk Bee’s products before you buy? No problem. Just enter your contact information below and we’ll send a FREE sample right to your doorstep via the mail.

    Here’s everything you need to know about your free sample:

    • It’s a sample of our face moisturizer made from all natural ingredients (value: $5)
    • You can use it multiple times before you run out (it’s NOT a single use sample)
    • We’ll send it over for free (to anyone in the United States)

    Can you tell me more about the sample I will get?
    Of course! You’ll receive a sample of our “Classic Silk Face Cream” product. It comes in a small jar of about .32 ounces. The actual “Classic Silk Face Cream” comes in a 1.3 oz jar. So guess what that means? The free sample is 25% the size of the actual product (1/4th of the entire jar), so you can use it multiple times before you run out of product. It’s definitely not a single use sample.

    What’s “Classic Silk Face Cream”?
    Engineered out of nature’s most delicate treasures, including meadowfoam and avocado oils, this all natural face moisturizer melts instantly into the skin. This gentle symphony may be applied to even the most sensitive parts of the face including the eye area.