• When to Use Our All Natural Face Moisturizer: 7 Situations

    Most people underestimate how many things can actually cause dry facial skin and, as a result, they end up being annoyed by it. To prevent that from happening to you, here’s a list of 7 situations when using an all natural face moisturizer can make a big difference.

    Here goes nothing…

    The Top 3 Situations When Using an All Natural Face Moisturizer Will Help, a LOT

    #1: Cold Weather
    The easiest way to get yourself a nice dose of dry facial skin is by going outside in the winter and not dressing for the occasion and/or staying outside in the cold for long periods of time. Cold weather dries out the skin rather quickly. So, if you absolutely have to go outside and meet Mister Frost or so to speak then make sure you use an all natural face moisturizer as soon as you’re back inside.

    #2: Aqua Overload
    It’s one thing to take a shower or a bath on a daily basis to keep your personal hygiene up to par, but taking long showers or baths is something else entirely. The former is good for the skin (gets rid of dead skin), while the latter removes the oils the body naturally produces and dries out the skin. In other words: if you had a long day then taking a nap on the couch is better than thinking deep thoughts in the shower. And, oh, remember to always use all natural face moisturizer after every shower. Some moisturizing body cream wouldn’t hurt either.

    #3: You Have a Medical Condition
    Certain types of medicines are known for causing a dry face, like drugs for high blood pressure and for acne and other skin conditions. Although using a face moisturizer might help, under the circumstances, consulting your doctor would be a smart thing to do before you take action on any dry face remedies.

    And now you know the top 3 reasons why people see dry skin on their faces, it’s time to look at some of the other situations when using a natural face moisturizer might be a good idea…

    4 Other Situations When Using an All Natural Face Moisturizer is Smart

    #4: Use Moisturizers The Right Way
    When your face is dry, it’s already too late. You need to use face moisturizers when the skin is still damp, like immediately after a shower or bath, after you go back inside in the winter, and so on and so forth. Trying to use a face moisturizer when you already have dry facial skin is like trying to save a burning forest from burning down with one bucket of water: too little, too late. We know this doesn’t exactly qualify as a situation when using a moisturizer is a good idea but, hey, you can learn just as much from the don’ts as you can learn from the do’s!

    #5: Air conditioning Can Cause Dry Facial Skin
    Whether it’s winter and you’re trying to stay as warm as possible or summer and you’re trying to stay as cool as possible, your AC produces dray air and dry air can cause a dry face. So, if you can, turn down that AC a little bit and dress warmer (in the winter) or wear beach wear (in the summer) instead of normal clothes. If you feel you can’t turn down the AC because you’ll freeze to death or burn up (depending on the season), then try and use an all natural face moisturizer more than you’re used to.

    It's a good idea to use an all natural face moisturizer when you're using the AC a lot

    #6: Malnutrition
    When the body doesn’t get the fuel it needs, the lack of fuel can cause dry skin on the face and in other places. Although a face moisturizer might make the symptoms invisible for friends and relatives, eating right (enough variation, fruits, and vegetables at a minimum) is the only solution here. Again, more of a don’t than a do… but still worth mentioning.

    #7: Too Much Soap Can Do More Harm Than Good
    We all like to stay nice and clean, but just like taking long showers and baths you can also overdo it. Using soap too often, using too much of it, and using harsh soaps (example: antibacterial ones) can cause dry facial skin and dry skin on the body in general. So, just don’t. And, again, use that all natural face moisturizer after you come out of the shower/after bathing.

    We hope you liked our thoughts on when to use (and when NOT to use) an all natural face moisturizer.