Why is My Face so Dry? Get Some Answers Here!

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If you want to do something about your dry facial skin, then listen up because you’re about to discover the 3 reasons why you’re having a dry skin problem. It’s important to know what causes a dry face because preventing it is always better then curing it.

Why is My Face so Dry? Here Are 3 Reasons Why…

#1 Too much water
If you’re wondering why your face is so dry, you have to ask yourself how often you take long showers or baths. Why? The human body produces natural oils that keep the skin moisturized so it doesn’t dry out, because dry skin burns more easily in the sun, can lead to injuries faster because of its reduced resilience, and so on. And guess what happens when you expose your face to too much water, especially hot water? That’s right: you wash away the natural oils and leave the skin unprotected, which causes it to dry.

#2 Dry air
The winter is a HUGE problem for your facial skin and not because cold, nasty weather dries your skin. I mean, sure, the cold certainly doesn’t help but the biggest problem is the central heating once you go inside. Most central heating systems produce dry air and that sucks the moisture right out of your skin.

#3 Medical reasons why your face is so dry
– Some medicines are known for causing dry facial skin (and dry skin in general) and they include drugs for high blood pressure, acne, and other skin conditions. So, if you’re using some kind of medicine and are wondering “why is my face so dry”? then be sure to consult your doctor. It may simply be a side effect of some type of drug.

– You have diabetes: constantly changing glucose levels in your body can lead to its dehydration and that, in turn, can cause dry facial skin.

– Malnutrition: eating disorders and malnutrition in general can cause the body to not get the fuel it needs to do its job properly or so to speak, which can lead to your skin drying out (among other things).

These are all things that can hurt your skin. Now let’s check out some stuff that can protect your skin!

Now you know the answer to the question why is my face so dry, find out what you can do about it below!

What Can You Do About Dry Facial Skin?

Here are 8 awesome dry face remedies that’ll make it very hard for you to ask “why is my face so dry” in the near future:

– Use an all natural face moisturizer BEFORE your face is dry, because moisturizing a desert doesn’t work if you know what I mean. It’s best to use a face moisturizer after a shower. Be sure to not rub yourself dry, though, because that causes a dry face as well. Carefully pat yourself dry and then apply some moisturizer

– To prevent flaky skin on the face, it’s best if the water is lukewarm (instead of hot) when you take a shower or a bath

– Don’t take long showers or long baths. Showers are better than baths in terms of preventing dry facial skin by the way

– When taking a shower, don’t stand underneath the shower head when you shave or soap up. This limits your skin’s exposure to the water

– Don’t go outside in the winter without hats, scarves, gloves, etc. Protect your skin from the cold as much as possible. Don’t worry about not looking good while doing it by the way, because the right type of hat, scarf, and pair of gloves can make you look real classy! And there you go: you can prevent dry facial skin while still looking fabulous

Cold weather can cause dry facial skin, so make sure to protect your skin from the cold!

– It’s better to turn down the heat in the winter a little bit and put on more clothes than to turn it up and wear less clothes, unless you like dry skin patches on your face…

– Ask your doctor for advice whenever your face is so dry as it is because of a medical reason. Sometimes the medication will cure the dry skin all by itself and sometimes an alternative to the current drug you’re using won’t dry out your skin as much

– Use our face moisturizer for dry skin after taking a shower or bath, in the winter or when medication keeps drying out your skin.

I hope I’ve managed to give you some answers to the question “Why is my face so dry?” today. Please contact us for more information about skin care or our products.


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